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Practice Areas

When people ask me what kind of law I practice I like to say that I do any kind of law that is for regular people, not businesses. I do a lot of family law: adoption, child custody, child support, conservatorships, divorces, Orders of Protection. I do some criminal work: criminal defense, DUI, juvenile delinquency. I handle end-of-life matters: Living Wills, Powers of Attorney for financial and medical matters, Probate, Wills. I handle consumer protection and landlord-tenant matters. And if I don’t do the kind of work you need done, I can refer you to friends of mine who will.
Family Law


Family law includes divorces, child custody issues, and adoptions.  The majority of my private practice has been in this area.  I most frequently handle emergency custody matters for clients who need to secure the safety of a child as quickly as possible. 


Criminal Law


My criminal experience has included primarily drug and alcohol related offenses.  With over 20 years of experience, I know how to work with prosecutors to obtain the best possible result for my clients.

Consumer Protection

Has a company with which you've done business treated you poorly?  Been dishonest? Not addressed legitimate concerns? Call me for a free consultation and I can acquaint you with your rights and remedies.​



My very first legal work back in law school was in this area.  People often are unaware of their rights and legal protections in this area and are taken advantage of by unscrupulous property owners.  If you are in danger of eviction, I can help. 

End of Life Issues


Let me help you plan for those life events people often don't want to think about.  I offer a package deal for preparing your will and powers of attorney for both finances and health care.



Appointed Work

​I spend much of my time doing appointed work for the State of Tennessee: helping parents whose children have been removed from their care by the Department of Children’s Services, serving as Guardian ad Litem for children in cases of dependence and neglect, and representing juvenile offenders. You may not realize that the State of Tennessee pays less than a quarter of what the average attorney bills his or her other clients. I don’t do appointed work to get rich; I consider it a ministry of sorts to provide people who could not otherwise afford an attorney with high quality representation. I don’t just “phone in” my work on appointed cases; I give these cases the same effort and attention that I put forth on cases that earn me much more.

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